Sunday, September 25, 2011

CVC hospital acquired Infections

The Recommendations on Prevention of Intravascular Catheter
Associated Bloodstream Infection (CABSI) represent the second
accomplishment of The Scientific Committee on Infection Control (SCIC) in
the promulgation of preventive measures for the four major systems of
healthcare associated infections namely, surgical site infection, intravascular catheter associated bloodstream infection, ventilator associated pneumonia and catheter associated urinary tract infection. Joining the local parties in the development of the present recommendations, the SCIC has also brought in international renowned expert, Dr Victor D. Rosenthal to provide advice and up-to-date knowledge on closed infusion system during the process. It is believed that the recommendations will provide guidance for the hospital colleagues on good practice in the formulation of strategies, programmes and plans for the prevention of intravascular catheter associated bloodstream infection.

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