Sunday, November 6, 2011

Natural Killer Activity and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection

There is recent increase in tuberculosis with multidrug resistant strains. On the other hand little information is available about the role of natural killer cells (N.K) in the immunity to tuberculosis and antituberculous sensitivity.
In this work 25 chest patients and 6 controls were studied for N.K activity by release of Cr from erythroleukaemia cell line. T.B diagnosis was performed by culture and sensitivity with Bactec system . specific serology (1gA , 1gG, 1gM) and tuberculin test.
All patients have typical mycobacteria tuberculosis with sensitivity 72% to isoniazid, 56% to rifampicin, 36 % to ethambutol, 32% to streptomycin and 16 % were resistant to all drugs . Tuberculin was positive in 56%, 1gG and 1gM in 16 % and 1gA in 8%. There was significant decrease (P < .0001) in N.K activity in patients compared to control. The results suggest that the N.K cells play role in defense mechanism to T.B.
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