Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Advantages and disadvantages of PCR

The major advantages of PCR are its rapidity and ease of use

as DNA cloning by PCR can be performed in a few hours, using relatively unsophisticated equipment. Sensitivity of PCR is capable of amplifying sequences from minute amounts of target DNA, even the DNA from a single cell Robustness as PCR can permit amplification of specific sequences from material in which the DNA is badly degraded or embedded in a medium from which conventional DNA isolation is problematic (Frey & Suppmann et al ., 1995).
The major disadvantages of PCR are its needing for target DNA sequence information in order to construct specific oligonucleotide primers that permit selective amplification of a particular DNA sequence.Short size and limiting amounts of PCR product are another disadvantages of it. Infidelity of DNA replication as when DNA is replicated in vitro the copying error rates are considerably greater but DNA sequencing of the total PCR products may give the correct sequence (Roux ., 1995).

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