Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laboratory diagnosis of Parainfluenza

• Virus isolation
PIV replicate best in PMK cells, although continuous cell lines can be used, such as LLC-MK2. One method for virus isolation involves spin-enhanced cultures, in which virus is detected after 2 - 7 days of culture by IF staining with monoclonal antibodies (Olsen et al., 1993).
• Serology
Serodiagnosis by HI, CF, EIA or neutralization can establish that infection with a member of the parainfluenza virus group has occurred, but frequent heterotypic responses make specific diagnosis by serology difficult. Serological studies are more valuable for epidemiology studies than for diagnostic purposes (Nauschuetz, 2000).
• Molecular detection
Detection of viral RNA in nasal secretions by RT-PCR (Corne et al., 1999).

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